Call to the 2015 Florida Press Club Excellence in Journalism Competition!

Staff 2017, News

For more than six decades, the Florida Press Club has been honoring the best of the best. And now we’re about to do it again … Our competition has the largest journalism cash prize in the state — the $1,000 Frances DeVore Award for Public Service. And, this year, we’re adding some new twists!

In addition to all its traditional categories this year, the Florida Press Club’s Excellence in Journalism Competition has a new special award and a new writing category. Introducing:

That is so … Florida Award: Wildlife, weather or just plain weird, Florida’s reputation as the sinkhole of silly keeps the whole country entertained. It’s the stuff you wouldn’t use in a novel but really happens here: Alligator-riding racoons, naked burglars or that guy who tried to sell a live shark in the Publix parking lot. Purists may say it’s all the news not fit to print, but the Florida Press Club thinks it’s time the genre got its due. Submit a selection of up to three stories to demonstrate all the pun possible with pythons, owls on a joyride, all stages of nudity or … well, you get the picture. First place in each division gets a $100 award. Second place gets $50; third, a set of steak knives, or $15. Your choice.

Art News Reporting: Submit up to three stories about art news of any medium, be it song, sculpture, gallery exhibit opening, fundraising efforts for the arts, art festival anniversary. This is distinct from art reviews.

The deadline to enter is Aug. 10. That’s 33 days from now, people! So enter! Enter! To enter or get all the rules, click here:

Questions feel free to contact Anne Geggis at 386-212-3794